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a therapeutic journal of

resiliency, healing, and growth



Therapeutic workbook journal was created with the image of every setback and every victory; every leaching drop of pain and every fulfilling ounce of joy; every sleepless night and every prosperous morning. This journal is to help you win in life by acknowledging the problems, highlighting the strengths, creating solutions, and growing as a beautiful human being. I want you to prosper and fulfill the purpose that’s already predestined for you. Therefore, healing must take place first. It may be uncomfortable at first, but the process is so necessary. I double-dog, triple-dog, dare you to Reclaim Your Purpose! I know people have tried to discourage you from living the life you wholeheartedly deserve. I understand your past is attempting to leech onto, so you can’t see your future. I empathize with you. I’ve been there. However, this journal is here for you to find your resiliency, heal your pain, and flourish. So, are you ready for this journey?


Glide through each section with intention to explore gratitude, your strengths and goals, the steps of reflecting and processing, and the beauty through thought-provoking prompts. 


I hope this exceeds your expectations!



Jasmine N. Tucker


The paperback journal is the perfect sized journal! Large enough to write in, but small enough to carry in your purse! Who doesn't like a journal you can scratch in?!

The digital journal allows you to erase or edit without any white-out or eraser marks! You are able to download to any smart device, so you will always have it at your fingertips!

The Digital Journal can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or laptop!


For your phone or table, download the apps: GoodNotes or Notes Writer (any app that allows you to download and edit a PDF will suffice). You can type or use a Stylus or Apple Pencil to write!

For your laptop, you can download it as a PDF document and type inside as an editable PDF!

sections of the journal


Gratitude is a moment for you to show thankfulness and appreciation for anyone and anything. This section will give you the opportunity to express three things you are grateful for each day. Despite the good and bad our lives throw at us, one special moment of gratitude can turn everything around for you!

We can spend a lot of time writing about our flaws and our failures, but perspective shifting is key to success. Within this section, I challenge you to focus on the inner strengths that lie within you, and the goals you have set to prosper in the near future. Truly be open, honest, and transparent for your strengths and goals are the foundation of who you are.


We only get twenty-four hours in each day, and sometimes it feels like the clock is running faster than we can comprehend. This section allows you to reflect and process what’s on your mind, what’s in your heart, and what emotions you are experiencing day by day. I dare you to use this space as a safe haven to freely express what’s needed. Think of this section as your personal diary! Your healing lies here!

I have diligently written thirty special prompts that are designed to prick your heart, ignite your thoughts, and encourage you along your healing journey. The goal here is to read each prompt, answer two specific questions related to the prompt, and reflect on what the prompt means for you. If you are going to begin your healing, you need practical encouragement to maintain your joy, protect your peace, and encourage your soul. I hope each prompt speaks to you in such a unique way that sparks transformation within your life.

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