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Weight Loss Journey | Entry 1

Weight Loss Journey

Entry 1

March 2nd

So - I want to lose weight. For the 10th billion time. No but seriously - I’ve been attempting and starting then stopping this weight loss journey since my junior year in college (2015). I was once successful though. When I was a senior in high school, I weighed around 245 pounds wearing size 16/18 in clothing. I was in the middle of applying to colleges and preparing for prom - and I made up in my mind that I would not go to prom or college fat. So late December - early January, I started the process. I worked out (I hated working out then and I hate working out now) and I ate super small amounts of food every 3-4 hours throughout the day. When prom rolled around in April, I was in a size 12/14 weighing about 195. My cousin was getting married in July and I had to have my dress changed THREE TIMES: 18 → 14 → 12. When college hit in August, I was pushing 175 wearing a size 10/12 in dresses. I was the smallest I have ever been and felt like I was living my best life. Thennnnn Sophomore 15 happened (lol not freshmen, but sophomore). Then junior year, I began gaining it alllll back *sigh*. Now I am almost two years out of college, size 16/18 weighing about 260. The BIGGEST I’VE EVER BEEN. *another sigh* I am so ashamed for letting myself go because I know better. I’ve tried pills, Herbalife, I even got a trainer - but my inconsistent motivation and dedication really kept pushing me back. So this time around, I promised myself to tell everyone I am trying to lose weight so everyone around me can hold me accountable.

I started this journey Monday, February 12th. I meal prepped, plan to work out Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. But reality is...I already messed four or five times. I got sick and missed working out the second week. The third week (this week) I grabbed dessert twice and skipped one day of workouts. BUT I will keep pushing because it is all a part of the process.

So, every week or every other week I plan to journal my weight-loss journey. The foods I am eating. The workouts I am engaging in. My failures and my successes. I hate weighing in but I may start weighing in at least once a month. So please keep me in your prayers. Feel free to encourage me or share some advice that could assist me in my journey!

My declaration: I, Jasmine Tucker, promise to keep progressing every day. I promise to understand that this is a lifestyle change and not a temporary goal. I promise to keep pressing even when I mess up. Ultimately, I promise to love myself for who I am and the healthy choices I am making to be a healthier me.

xo, JNT

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