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Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world – as though you had it all together, then suddenly – you feel like you have no purpose? You suddenly feel like everything you have been doing has been a waste of time? You suddenly feel like life has no meaning because nothing makes sense anymore?

It is such an uncomfortable feeling. It is a dark place where your mind travels when you begin to feel like you have no sense of direction and that you are just living life just to breathe. It is so frustrating to wake up every morning living the same routine feeling like your life is in current cycles of relay races and not a ongoing journey.

We hear people say, it will get better. The ending goal is better than where you are now. Shake it off, trust God, and keep it pushing. We’ve all heard things like this. Heck, I’ve said this to people and to myself. But how do you trust God when you feel as though you have no more trust to give? How do you trust God when you feel as though you’ve done all that you can – and because of that, do not understand why you’re in the place that you are? How do you trust God when you have not seen your prayers come into fruition?

These are a small handful of hard questions people ask themselves all the time….I too have asked myself these questions. Yes we pray, we fast, we read his word, seek his face, go to church, but how do we keep trusting?

But then God starts to laugh. I think God starts to laugh because he’s like – girllllllll, did you forget that I blocked things for you to keep you alive? Did you forget that I blessed you with things you did not deserve? Did you forget that I showed mercy by giving you chance after chance when you KNOW you’ve messed up?

In those moments, I immediately have to check myself and say – God you are right. And at that moment, the answer to trusting God is so simple: if he did it before, he can do it again!

Sometimes we allow the "uncomfortable-ness" of the process to make us feel like we are not moving towards our purpose. So we begin to question our purpose, doubt what God has already promised us, and ultimately give up on ourselves. We blame every circumstance around us for our shortcomings, but forget that we have the most control over us. We hold the key to our purpose God has already promised us. God has already equipped us with the necessary tools to live our purpose, we just have to acknowledge them, accept them, and utilize them!

So during the process - you will grow, you will learn, you will hurt, you will feel lonely, you will feel less than, you will feel hopeless, you will feel shameful, you will feel loved, you will feel supported, you will feel appreciated, you will feel victorious - you will feel a host of emotions. These emotions may make the process feel uncomfortable, or yucky, or frustrating at times, but these emotions may also make the process feel worth the while, glorious, and joyful.

I just want to encourage someone that no matter what you are dealing with, what challenges you are facing, what thoughts are trying to keep your mind captive to the works of the enemy, whatever it may be - know that you must trust it and truly believe that your purpose is much greater than the process.


I want you to write on a sticky note or write on your mirror the battles that are fighting you right now during your process. It can be as personable as you need it to be. Somebody is going through depression, low self-esteem, hopelessness, emptiness, loneliness, etc. Speak to those battles! Write them down and draw a huge arrow pointing to your purpose. If you do not know what your purpose is yet then write “God’s purpose” - and I want you to speak life over those battles! Speak prosperity, victory, and love over those battles!

I know this is a long entry, but I want to end with a prayer:

“Dear God, we thank you for who you are and what you represent to us in our lives. I ask that you bless us with the power and the courage to trust the process for we know our purpose is much greater. I ask Lord that you let our heart’s desires become your desires dear father, so we can walk through this journey by following your plans. Lord we speak power, victory, and life over those battles that are trying to captivate our minds. Encourage our hearts, souls and minds to become subject to you! We trust that this process will lead us to greatness no matter how hard it may get. Help us to stay focus on you, loving you first and ultimately loving ourselves! In Jesus name, Amen!

xo, JNT

please feel free to leave comments, testimonies, and just your thoughts!

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