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So, I have been working for Texas Christian University as a College Adviser with College Advising Corps for the last two years. It has been a pleasure serving Seguin HS with college access. Because it is a service job, it was only a two year contract. As sad as I was to leave my students and job behind, I was very optimistic and anxious for the next steps! My contract ended June 30, 2018, so I began searching for job opportunities since December 2017 because I do not procrastinate when it comes to my future. I am a hard-working, dedicated planner by nature because I want to have everything written in stone months in advance. I like to have security in knowing what my next steps are. I like securing a solidified foundation for myself.

Anyways, I had it all figured out. I was going to work for Seguin HS as a teacher in the AVID and English department. It was going to be perfect. I already knew the students, I have been working there for the past two years, I understand the environment, and I love the AVID department. It was going to be perfect. I was going to be a full-time graduate student and begin my practicum (internship) this fall at Seguin with the counselors I’ve been working with for the past two years. Again, I thought it was going to be perfect. I was going to graduate May 2019, move out of my parents house that summer, and be poppin’ I thought.

Being Jasmine, I started prepping for this job I thought I was going to have by looking up alternative teaching programs. I took and passed my English certification in February. I updated my resume and wrote a few cover letters, and revised my reference sheet. I had meetings with the Dean of Instruction, the Principal, the counselors, and the AVID director because I truly believed I was securing the bag. Things were shining in my favor, and everything was all falling into place….so I thought.

When the time came, that job I thought I longer existed. Which meant, that practicum site I thought I longer existed. Life was I thought. I cried every day, questioned God’s promises for me, and I was so confused. I did everything I was suppose to do. I dotted my i’s and crossed all of my t’s. But things were all out of whack and no longer in my favor. Everything I worked hard for, no longer was within arms reach. Haha, I said everything that I, Jasmine N. Tucker, worked hard if I did this all by myself.

I had to begin applying, networking, and interviewing for jobs and positions that were above me and matched me. I was driving myself crazy because I needed a job. It was May, and no security. No job. No foundation. I got a call from my old study hall teacher (who is now the AVID Director for the entire district for CISD). This was her third or fourth time contacting me about working back at my old high school, but because I was set on the plans I thought were for me, I ignored it. This time, I took her up on her offer out of desperation for options and curiosity because I could not understand why God would have this woman contact me over and over again over a period of time about this job. Anyways, I interviewed for a position at my old high school with the principal (my 4th grade math teacher, and my brother’s 5th grade math teacher). I went in thinking it was one position, but it was a position that was above me and too much for my schedule as a grad student. But being Jasmine, I did not let that stop me from shining. I kept calling the associate principal (who is now the principal) to follow up on the position. No response for about two weeks. I did not get that position. I was not completely let down because I knew it was not for me, but it did suck because once again, no job. That same week, I was completely unencouraged. Other positions that I was overqualified for (like I could get that job in my sleep)...REJECTED ME!!! Like Lord, you have got to be kidding me. I was ready to say forget it. I wanted to find a retail job to pay bills, go to school, and slug my way through life. Just when I was about to throw in the towel, I got a call from my old high school. They told me they are sorry about the other position, but wanted me to come in for another position. It wasn’t AVID, just English. I was annoyed at first, but of course, I went. Little to my expectation - it was amazing. Five minutes, y’all. I mean FIVE MINUTES after I drove out of the parking lot, they called and offered me the job. All I could do was scream, “thank you, Lord!!!”.

Just when I wanted to throw in the towel, God came through ON TIME!!! I thought God had forsaken me. I thought he was not listening to my prayers. I thought he just did not care about me anymore. I thought he totally took back his promises. But I was too busy trying to solve the jigsaw puzzle of my plans instead of listening and following his. I was too busy trying to walk through a door that was meant to be shut and almost missed out on a door of opportunity that was wide open waiting for me. God knew what he was doing the entire time. Some people say that favor is not fair. But I truly believe it is ...only for those who truly believe. God has stepped in and showed out for me once again.

Crazy to say - that job I thought was mine - turned out to be such a horrid position, just when it looked as if it was for me, God showed me that I was settling! That graduation plan I had laid out - could have placed me in the hospital for undergoing so much stress. I told God, I want a job that will pay me double or more in salary than what I was making at TCU. People mocked me and laughed at me...but God did JUST THAT and MORE. When I allowed my plans to stop, my mouth to shut, and my heart to open to God’s will - everything that was predestined for me (the best destiny for me)...HAPPENED!

I wanted to share this testimony to encourage someone to not give up. Don’t find yourself becoming angry with God because things are not panning out how you hoped. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. That scripture says for I know the plans. I is referring to God. God knows the plan. God has the plan predestined. God is the potter and we are the clay. He has us in the palm of his hands. God has our back like no man on earth us. Trust him, follow his plan, faithfully serve him, and you will inhabit the riches and glories he has waiting for you.

I want the milk and honey. God will provide the milk and honey. God will show himself to be true and I will share his glories to the world, so you too can believe.

#faith #growth #progress #trust #truth

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