• Jasmine N. Tucker


When an ambulance or fire truck drives past us with their lights on, as drivers we halt. Stop. Pause. Because we foresee a warning, a caution, that danger is near. We must get out of their way by moving over and halting, so they can save some lives.

God will have a huge sign warning us that danger is in the lane, yet we do not halt. We do not get out of the way. We attempt to deter the way we think it should go. But we get mad when we get a ticket or violation for not following orders.

God needs us to move out of the way and stop - let him take care of it.

You cannot save everyone. You cannot control everything. Let God take control. Why as man, we yield to the law of the land but cannot yield to God? We need a spirit of patience, humbleness, and faith.


#faith #christianity #God #Love

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