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Speaking from a hurt place

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Hurt. What is hurt? Neglect. Trauma. Pain. Back stabbing. Lied on. Lied to. Cheated on. Mistreated. What is hurt? Hurt is whatever a person chooses to embody from any negative or painful experience that was either self-inflicted or inflicted by others. When we’re in a hurt place, our emotions are not logical and sometimes unstable. So we make irrational decisions without thinking or consulting for guidance. When we makes those irrational decisions, we typically do or say things we regret; or we do or say things to hurt others in return; or we do or say things as a plea for help or out of desperation.

When we are in this vulnerable state, we should not speak. What do I mean by that? This is the time we embrace the scripture, “slow to speak and swift to hear”. The only speaking we should be doing is when we are venting to others for help like a therapist, in prayer, a spiritual counsel, or a trustworthy friend. However, venting on any social media outlet is a no-no. Creating outlets as a cover up to expose every hurt feeling you haven’t let go of is a no-no. Lashing out in irrational behavior or towards the ones who love you is a no-no. Testifying about your hurt but focus more on the hurt than you did the a no-no. We will never be able to truly heal from our hurt if we don’t overcome it.

When we vent, when we expose our hurt in an irrational way, when we let our hurt outweigh God’s Grace - we forget to focus on what’s important: the healing. I’m sorry your daddy left you. I’m sorry your friends were trash. I’m sorry your church members dogged you when you got pregnant. I’m sorry you were beaten. I’m sorry you can’t get a job. I’m sorry you got a divorce. I’m so sorry. Your hurt is real and it matters. Although your hurt is a part of your story, it doesn’t mean it defines you. You overcome by the words of your testimony and your testimony helps you heal others. But if you place too much emphasis on the hurt and less emphasis on God’s Grace, his endless love, and his overflowing mercy, you will miss the point: at the end of every valley is a mountain waiting on you to climb and take victory over.

If you dwell in your hurt, you stay in the valley in an overdue time. Embrace the valley, grow in the valley, learn in the valley but God didn’t design the valley to be your permanent place of residence - it’s time for you to be heal and COME OUT and take your rightful place on your mountain.

I pray that God heals your wounds, mends your broken heart, and restore your soul. I pray God gives you peace and understanding towards your valley and your hurt. I pray God shows you a glimpse of your future; you'll look victorious once you let go and trust him. I pray your experience and your past not only touches others, but be a constant reminder of God’s sufficient, relentless grace.

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