• Jasmine N. Tucker

Quarantine - Week 2

I think a lot of us are still mourning the idea of missing out on trips, plans, money, food, and social interactions with those we love. But the reality is - we spend more time grieving the material things we lost instead of recentering our focus on God. He allowed this pandemic to happen because he wants our attention. How can I give him my attention and read devotionals on faith over fear and gratitude when everywhere I turn the news is drowning our thoughts with a new death toll in America? How do I stay focused on God when I am yet trying to understand why he is allowing our world to endure this? How do I tap into Sunday morning sermons and have the audacity to sow a seed when I am not even sure when my next check is coming? How am I supposed to abide the law of the land when my land is ruled by a self-righteous man who seeks fame over justice? I can imagine these are just a handful of questions we may ask ourselves but I do not have an answer other than these two words: TRUST GOD.

Trusting God is bigger than the natural eye can see. So many people are upset about people visiting their friends and family members when CDC says practice social distancing, but what do we do when you have elderly grandparents who do not need to be in the stores? Or if you have kids who share custody so they are house hopping? Or what about the people you order food from and just “hope” they are sanitary? Or the grocery store we go to religiously during this time that is filled with hundreds of strangers? Or the churches that still bring their worship and media team to stream the word? There are so many questions that are creating space for gray areas and ambiguity. We all do not have the solution. If we did, we would no longer be in this pandemic. We have to TRUST GOD. He has brought his people out of this before, so we have to trust that he would do it again. Let’s do a self-reflection, do a check on your relationship with God. I cannot judge you and neither can ya mama, but this is the time we come clean with ourselves and God and get right...not PERFECT, but get in good standing with God and just try to trust him. All he asks for is a sincere heart with a sincere worship and sincere alone time with you. Just try.

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