• Jasmine N. Tucker

Quarantine Journal - Week 1

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

On Friday, March 13th - Crowley ISD sent that lovely email that we will be out of school for an additional two weeks due to Ms. Corona B. Virus. Immediately, I was like “yasssss sis gets a real break, I get to finally catch up on every show I ever missed”. Then I slept. Woke up. And said “ohhhhhmy lamb!!!” I realized that my students, who take the English II STAAR in less than a month, are going to go without instruction for a long time. I’m panicking Chile because my kids were already struggling. I had great plans for them. I even redecorated my door for them to support March Madness for the STAAR. I need my kids to pass. How are they going to eat? What about homeless kids? Or kids in an abusive family and school was their safe haven? My emotions were filled with frustration, confusion, worry, doubt, and fear. Jesus - I know this world has not been aligned with your promises, but are you really doing this to us? Right now? Seriously?

After seeing the district make some moves, put some plans in place, I gained a sense of relief. Just a taddddd bit. Things were still getting flushed out but at this point - we are all figuring out the next move. What a ride we’re about to be on?

Also - I implemented J.T. Academy for my oldest nephew. Boy, did we have fun? I must say, I commend parents who are also teachers because chilllleeee this was toooo much. So salute to you!

I am realizing I need a schedule in place in order to keep some sort of routine for my life. Let’s see how I implement it next week.

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