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  • Jasmine N. Tucker

Know Who You Are

When I was a little girl, my mom used to sing this cute song to me. The lyrics goes something like “who has the prettiest girl in the world? I do (you do), I do (you do)”. Then she would go on saying who has the smartest, sweetest, kindest, etc. My mother did a great job at affirming who I was as a young girl. Even through her daily affirmations, I had to learn how to affirm myself.

I couldn’t affirm myself until I knew who I was. I always knew I was smart, beautiful, strong, creative, comforting, and loving. But I never knew how much. I used to sell myself short. I would be strong in my academics but weak in relationships. I used to be confident in interviews but weak in work-conflict. I would provide comfort to others but never knew how to comfort myself.

I strayed away from my purpose because I truly did not know and understand who I was.

When we do not know who we are, we tend to give people access to us that does not deserve it. Granted access comes with time, respect, and wisdom. How do you know what boundaries to put up for others when you have not learned how to respect the true King or Queen that you are?

Through my 26 years of living, I’ve learned that my love language is words of affirmations; that it hurts my feelings when people ignore/neglect me; that I enjoy alone time watching romantic comedies; that I thrive off of others’ energy; that I give more than I receive; that I fear God and strive to do better daily; that I want to be married with kids soon; that I love to travel and enjoy the spontaneity that life has to offer. There are many more things that I’ve learned about myself and that I am yet learning. All in all, my true identity cultivates the environment that I surround myself with. I do not grant access to anyone or anything that will not serve me or my purpose.

So, I encourage you to seek identity not just in yourself but in Christ. Allow him to guide you to your true, authentic self. Once you relinquish the chains of fear, you will be able to conquer the world with the unleashed purpose God has given you.

xo, JNT

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