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I have some CRAZY faith!

Updated: May 1, 2019


11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Growing up in church, I use to hear how we must have “faith the size of a mustard seed”, and I use to think, just a mustard seed? My seed can be as big as a watermelon or as big as the universe. Of course I was like nine when I thought that haha, but I truly believed that my faith in God and the things he can do for me has changed my complete outlook on life.

Example 1. TCU. I attended Texas Christian University for undergrad. I was a high-achiever and a hard worker, so I worked extremely hard to get good grades and volunteer hours in high school. However, TCU is extremely selective. Thousands, I mean thousands applied, and only a small percentage got accepted. So because I was in top 11% (not 10% unfortunately -__-), some people did not think I would get accepted or probably get wait-listed. But because of my faith - I gave it all to God to manifest his plan for me. And I was accepted and was able to fulfill my dreams and God’s plan.

Point: when you have CRAZY faith, you cannot ask the Lord to bless you and tell him you believe he can provide, then allow fear and doubt to creep in your mind and negate your prayer. You have to truly give it all to God, trust him and believe he will come through. Despite what society thinks, what the outcomes of others may have been - you must trust God.

Example 2. TCU grad school. Sooooo about my undergraduate life at TCU - I definitely did not have the same GPA of my high school life as I did in college. I had a rough first semester. I struggled not because of distractions, but because I had a tough caseload as a first-semester freshmen and could not manage it - I struggled. [I plan on writing blogs about career and education because I am very passionate about that]. Fast-forward to senior year, I was preparing for the GRE and ready to apply for graduate school. I was a nervous wreck because despite my stellar resume, reference letters, countless experiences and internships - I still did not feel adequate enough to get into TCU’s stellar counseling program. But one day at church, I went to the altar, cried all of my fear, doubt, frustration, and disappointment out of me and I remember God told me “Did you forget what kind of God I am? If I did it before, I can do it again. Trust me and watch me work”. Yalllllllllllll *faints* I was on the ground because Lord knew I was scressssed and I mean scresssssed with a c. Anyways, I applied. I got invited to the interview round. Then I received an acceptance letter. All I could do was lift my hands, close my eyes and say “Thank you Lord”!

Point: sometimes you will feel lower than low and may not think God will come through for you because sometimes it can look that bad. But when you get to a point of letting go and letting God in your relationship with him - he will surely remind you who he is in your life. And my mama always says to remind God of his promises to you with a grateful heart. Trust God, even when it looks bad and you feel low, and he will come through every time.

I wanted to mention my two main times that my CRAZY faith stepped in right on time because those were two huge pinnacle moments in my life. I have been through so much and endured a lot, and my faith has came in every time. My faith was at a level 1000% in high school but my faith was at a level 50% when I applied to graduate school. However - I persevere each time and trusted God.

People have even tried to downplay me by criticizing me, telling me what God cannot do, bashing the things I believe God to work out for me, etc. And everytime I just wanna dust my shoulders and say “watch God work”. One time, somebody told me I wouldn’t get a good job with a BS in Psychology. Like she talked noise on my degree honey. Andddddd when I walked that stage in four years, and got a breath-taking job two weeks later -- I remind others, no, God remind others that he is yet a God of favor!

So don’t give up, even when your faith is tried and people judge you, keep the faith! God honors your trust in him! Let’s rock some CRAZY faith in 2018!

xo, JNT

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