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As much as I love a nice beat face, I also love a nice, clean skin! I want to share my facial cleanse regimen because it works great for me! Everyone has different types of skin, so you may have to find something that meets your needs. Most of the items I use are fairly inexpensive, so I hope you can find something on my list that works well for me!

Important fact: I have combination skin.

My skin is mainly dry, but my t-zones are oily throughout the day. So it is important that I moisturize, but not use too many heavy products around the oily area!

First, deep clean with L'Oreal Go 360 Clean for sensitive skin.

I use this first. It comes with a scrublet pad to use for exfoliation! This will help cleanse off any makeup, dirt, and oil. I use this daily! My ultimate favorite, especially if you have sensitive skin!

$5 from Walmart

Second, exfoliate with Biore Charcoal Acne Clearing Cleanser

I don't necessarily have acne, but from time to time I get blackheads and one to two pimples. Typically around mothernature time.

I use a medium size sonic head brush with this!

This truly helps dig deep into your pores. It has a tingly feeling and can dry your face out, so I only recommend doing this every other day or a couple of times out the week depending on your skin type.

$5.99 from Target

Third, tone your face with Neutrogena's Rapid Clearn 2-1 Fight and Fade Toner

If your face has dark spots, uneven, or scarred from a picked at pimple/blackhead - this is for you.

This stuff is strong, so I recommend using a little bit.

I recommend buying some cotton pads from Wal-Mart or Ulta, squirt some on there and rub all over your face and neck.

I recommend using this every other day as well.

$7 from Ulta

Fourth, moisturize your face with Vaseline's Cocoa Butter Lotion

I love this stuff! I use this all over my body every day when I get out of the shower! It is really good for dry skin. Since my face is a tad bit dry after using all of the items above, I squeeze a nickel size about of lotion and rub over my face and neck!

If you are really oil, maybe use a dime size.

This is an awesome moisturizer.

$5.89 from Target

Lastly, more moisturizing with Mario Badescu's Rose Water

This stuff is also amazing! You can purchase this from Ulta. It such a light, refreshing spray for moisture. I light spray in an angle form onto my face and neck to "set" my moisture in place. My face always looks glowy and so fresh!

$7 for the 4 oz at Ulta

In the end, my face looks amazing!

Remember, these products works great for me! You should find the right combination that works great for you! Also, I do not use all of the products together every night, you want to be mindful of your skin! I hope this helps you!

xo, JNT

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