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I use to have a 2007 Blue Dodge Caliber. Her name was Betty Blue. My parents bought me this car towards the end of my junior year in high school. She (my car) was everything to me! She was reliable, dependable, cute, and spacious. She got me through a lot of good and bad times in high school and in college. I appreciated Betty Blue for all she’s done and experienced with me. Eventually over time, Betty Blue started having minor issues. The air would cut on and off when it felt like it. Water would leak in the base of my floor board, so my car will smell like mildew for days. When I blew the horn, the windshield wipers would go. She was becoming a hot mess to deal with.

As these problems developed over time, I lost value in my car, so eventually I lost interest in my car and stopped appreciating my car. I stopped keeping it clean as often as I use to. I stopped caring if I were to get a ding or a scratch on my car because I felt like its value has already depreciated, so what is the point. I stopped appreciating my car for the minor issues it was having, and totally lost sight that Betty Blue yet had purpose.

Our lives can be like this. We invest our time in a new relationship, a new job, a new friendship, or our family. In the beginning, things are great and magical because we feel like we won the lottery. But as soon as things starting turning left, we start losing value and stop appreciating the true purpose of our “good thing”. For me, Betty Blue still got me from point a to point b. She was still able to get me to my internships, my jobs, and school. She yet...had...purpose. When we tend to focus on the minor things, we forget to let the bad overlook the good in our lives when in actuality, our list of pros outweighs our cons.

Everything may not look like what it is worth, everything may not seem as great as we’d like - but always acknowledge it’s true purpose. A new shiny watch is pretty, but over time it loses its shine, it gets scratches, and nicks. However, it still tells time. It’s purpose never faded. Even if that long hand stop moving, I can just replace the battery and its purpose will keep flowing.

Cherish what you value!

xo, JNT

#authenticity #cherish #value #worth

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