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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Associate as well as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Intern.

I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and young adults with a plethora of areas that I focus on (such as depression, anxiety, life changes, career counseling, grief, relationships, spiritual life, substance abuse, and more. If you are in need of therapy, please click the button to the left to book with me. 

Code of Ethics state that I cannot counsel anyone that I personally know or may be personally connected to. Please be mindful when referring to others. If you need a referral, please email me at


Learn the myths and fight the stigmas of mental health.

Myth: People who seek therapy are weak, crazy, and/or "broken people".

Truth: There is strength in getting help when you need it (reactive and proactive)


Myth: Therapy is only for people who are going through "really tough times in life".

Truth: You may need help managing life where you are. Therapy is for everyone and any seasons they have.


Myth: Therapists have all the answers to the client's problems.

Truth: Therapists works collaboratively with the client to work on the goal that works best for the client.

Myth: You can feel better immediately after therapy.

Truth: Healing is a journey and not a pitstop. It will take time if you put in the work.

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