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Jae's Corner: October 2020



We have been through the storm and the rain, but we will make it!


I took a break from journaling in September because I did an awesome thing...I released my very first journal titled "Release!". You can read more about this later on, but my journal has been the highlight of September (my birthday month!). Then...I hit a wall.


That wall is called grief.


I lost the sweetest, most funny, most caring guy I know...my sweet Papa Joubert. It was an unexpected loss, so my world flipped upside down without a plan. When you are a planner like myself, you have your entire life mapped out. You envision when you are graduating from college, getting married, having kids, buying a home, traveling, etc. I thought my grandparents were going to live until Jesus came back, but of course, the way my God works, he laughs at my plans. When we do not include God in our plans, our feelings will always get hurt because he has the final say. I had to learn, the hard way, how to go to God with my desires but trust Him for his will to manifest in my life. If we delight ourselves in Him, trust Him, then His will for our life will be our desires (let that sink in).


Back to my sweet papa...even though I lost him unexpectedly, I am learning unexpectedly what resiliency looks like in my life. It feels like the enemy has both of his big, ugly feet on our necks but because I trust God, I know that with faith and time...things will get better. Someone asked me if I would grieve differently if his death wasn't unexpected. My answer was no. I would still grieve the same. I would've had more time with him and cherished our time together differently, but the grief would still be the same. Remember, the stages of grief are not linear; I can experience these emotions at any time. However, I believe that with honestly, transparency, and the necessary work to be healed, my process will get better over time.


So, if you are facing a challenging task in your life where it seems like you have no idea how you are going to make it, remember these three things:


1. The same skillset you used when you experienced your last pain is the same skillset you can apply to your new struggle. 

2. There is strength in your struggle. You can grow if you have the desire to. 

3. If you want healing, you have to put in the work. Go to therapy, pray, vent, journal, all of that...do it because it is necessary.


So, you...yes you...keep pressing !❤️​

xo, JNT

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Ms.Corona b. virus

What can we do take precaution?!


  • Health

    • Wash your hands for 20 seconds and rinse for 10 seconds​

      • You can sing the "Happy Birthday" song or "No Scrubs" by TLC twice!​

    • Practice Social Distancing

    • Use Wipes, GermX and Lysol Spray​

    • GermX

      • How to make your own?​

        • 2/3 cup of 99% rubbing alcohol​

        • 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel

        • 8-10 drops of essential oil (such as lavender, vanilla, peppermint, grapefruit) - optional

        • Mix ingredients in a bowl and stir with a spoon. Use a funnel to pour liquid into an empty bottle.

  • Mental​​

    • Journal​

    • Meditate

    • Practice Mindfulness

    • Download the following apps for ways to digitally journal and meditate:

      • Thought Diary​

      • Calm

  • Entertainment

    • Netflix/Hulu and Rona​

      • Here are a few of my shows and movies that can get you through:​

        • Queen of the South

        • Charmed ... the new one

        • Black Is King (Beyonce and Disney+)

        • PS I love You

        • Dear John

        • On My Block

        • Love is Blind

        • Someone Great

        • You

        • 13 Reasons Why

        • American Son

        • This Is Us

        • Moesha

        • Kissing Booth 2

        • Always Be My Maybe

        • Spenser Confidential

    • Music!!

      • Jhene Aiko​ - Chilombo (album)

      • Kierra Sheard - It Keeps Happening (single)

      • Todd Dulaney - Back to the Book (EP)

      • Demi Lovato - I Love Me (single)

      • Lizzo - Soulmate (single)

      • Meg the Stallion - Captain Hook (single)

  • Education

    • Tons of Free Resources!​


Need a really good site with additional resources? Click Below!


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