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Jae's Corner: March 2020



Many of us are seeking for answers that we feel we desperately need to move forward. The hard reality is that we may never receive the answers to our questions or the understanding to our confusion or the closure to our turmoil. 

So what do we do when we are unable to receive what we are looking for? Do we search for our needs in other places like drugs, sex, money, work, or family? Do we give up on life because we cannot handle anymore unfair dealings that it offers? Do we ignore the signs that God has been showing us because it is too hard to face? What do we do?

We should seek validation and closure from God and only Him. I have learned to take comfort in knowing that even if God never gives me the answer that I am looking for, I know his decisions were made with intention and grace. He has yet answered me on why he took my grandfather. He has yet answered me on why he took my aunt and cousins the way that he did. He has yet answered me on why he is allowing me to go through what I am going through now. Despite no answer, my faith provides the reassurance I need to keep trusting him. It is tough and IT SUCKS sometimes (yes, I said it), but I have to constantly remind myself of the many times he kept me when I didn't deserve it. He does not owe me an answer, but he grants me peace and understanding.

So until God answers you or until he never does, remember to keep hope alive and delight in knowing how good He is despite the circumstances our natural eyes can see and feel.



So, you...yes you...keep pressing !❤️​

xo, JNT

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